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Urban Refuge and Rafik B. Hariri Institute 

Explore our collaboration with the Rafik B. Hariri Institute at Boston University for more information on the backend of our tech as part of the Hariri Seed Research Projects.

Dev Radio Full Interview

"Join Jerry Nixon as he welcomes the team from Urban Refuge as they describe how they worked with a team of Microsoft Technical Evangelists to help create this cross-platform app using Xamarin."

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Professor Lori Discusses her work with Pearson Degrees Digital Magazine

"Noora says she’s been inspired by the passion her students bring to the project. “They started out saying ‘How on earth are we going to build an app? We don’t know anything about coding or tech!’ They’ve since learned how to tap into their own networks, building allies throughout BU and from larger organizations who are willing to help… and even code.” 

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Boston Network for International Development Interviews Noora Lori and Vicky Kelberer

"The number one take away I have from this project is to eliminate the words “I cannot” from my vocabulary. Whenever you’re asked if you can do something you say yes because you can always learn." 

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Urban Refuge Featured in the Daily Dot

The reality of these numbers inspired the all-female powerhouse of Boston University's Pardee School Initiative on Forced Migration and Human Trafficking group to take the crisis into its own hands and into the digital sphere." 

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The Pardee School of Global Studies at BU Announces our Crowdfunding Campaign 

"While the Urban Refugee App will pilot in Amman, Jordan, the group plans to launch versions worldwide — including in Boston. The group is currently seeking to raise $15,000 through BU Crowdfunding to geocode the remaining aid locations in Amman, finish the technology for the app and conduct outreach to refugees."

Urban Refuge feature in Bostonia

“We would use the students’ creativity and new technologies, bring in alumni, consult with an entire network of businessmen and -women with expertise in technical fields.” The result far exceeded her expectations.

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Arabia INC. a space for business ideas and resources for startups and entrepreneurs covers UR! 

"Although the startup is still in its early phase, the all-female group has already made an initial database of over 160 organizations mapped by latitude and longitude, identified implementing partners, created the initial app design, and is now seeking funding to build it." 

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Urban Refuge Getting Attention down in Miami, FL! 

"Francesca Paranzino y sus compañeras de la Universidad de Boston estaban “un poco cansadas” de trabajar sólo con teorías. Por eso cuando en una de sus clases les pidieron analizar cómo se podría usar la tecnología para ayudar a las personas que buscan refugio en otros países, ellas decidieron ir más allá."


We are grateful for the continued support of Microsoft in helping us to develop technology for social good!

“Most of the students have graduated and have demanding, full-time jobs, but none of us are stopping,” says the class’ teacher, Noora Lori, an assistant professor at the Pardee School of Global Studies at Boston University. “The ultimate goal is helping people.”