Our Mission:

Put aid on the map.

We use technology to make aid in urban areas more accessible; our app connects the people who provide aid with the people who seek it.


The Problem

Two-thirds of the world’s refugees live in cities. Most don’t get the aid they deserve.

Our Solution


Our Impact

A city should be a refuge, not a void.

We work to provide vulnerable peoples in urban areas access to the aid they deserve.



Years creating a network to connect people to the aid they deserve

Urban Refuge was founded in 2016 as a part of an incubator course at Boston University. Since then, we’ve expanded our mission in an effort to help various vulnerable populations access aid in cities all over the world.



Partners helping Put aid on the map

From building the initial version of our app to providing our team with the information of thousands of local aid providers, our partners continue to help us empower vulnerable peoples in need of aid.



Cities mapped

With Urban Refuge set to arrive in more cities soon.