Our Mission

Urban Refuge leverages technology to address information asymmetries in the urban refugee experience. Using geo-coded locations, the mapping function connects urban refugees with a variety of local assistance opportunities not easily located using traditional addresses. The app also provides links to online resources such as jobs boards, informal and formal education programs, and legal rights information. By linking refugees with existing services and information through an easy-to-use dashboard, we aim to both improve the urban refugee experience and address administrative inefficiencies that arise when service access is largely through word of mouth. The app also provides humanitarian organizations with a centralized database and accessible contact information to help address administrative coordination issues. Urban Refuge will be piloted in Amman, Jordan, with the aim of scaling up the technology to be easily modified and applied in a variety of urban refugee contexts


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What the app achieves

  • First comprehensive database of both international and local organizations.
  • Organized by geo-coding, rather than traditional addresses, for ease of use.
  • Creates a new line of communication between organizations and refugees.
  • Allows us to gather data to create more efficient, appropriate services.
  • Involves urban refugees in the decision-making process.
  • Empowers refugees with access to more accurate, high-quality information.
  • Enables organizations to conduct impact assessments.
  • Serves as a pilot to be scaled up globally.

All photography provided by Vicky Kelberer.