Call for Partners

We are thrilled to extend a call for partnerships on behalf of  Urban Refuge. UR is an initiative started by a group of social scientists, innovators, and experts in migration from Boston University. We researched the gap between service providers and beneficiaries in the resettlement process and have sought to fill it through the creation of a mobile application that locates services available to refugees in their respective host cities. Urban Refuge leverages technology to address information asymmetries in the resettlement process. By using geo-coded locations, our mapping function connects urban refugees with a variety of resources that may not be easily located otherwise.

Today we have a fully functioning app that we built with the help of Microsoft, a team dedicated to our mission, and with the support from academics, innovation hubs, and investors. However, our team is approaching a point in our development process where we need partners to help us fulfill our mission statement. Having a partner to help us enter different cities with a demonstrated need for our service is crucial to making our efforts successful. We are looking for a partner that either works with GIS, mapping, and/or migration and resettlement.

If this opportunity is of interest to you or if you would like to learn more about our team, please contact Meaghan Delaney at


Current and Former Partners